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With effect from 19.11.2012 all visa applications submitted at the Indian Visa Service Centre (IVSC) (i.e. by the ordinary passport holders) and at the Embassy of India, Kathmandu (i.e. by Diplomatic, Official and UNLP passport holders) will only be accepted in the online form.


Online visa applications can be submitted at the visa counter of the IVSC between 0930 hrs to 1200 hrs on all working days. Processing time is 7-10 days or even more depending on the visa regulations laid down by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu.

Delivery of passports affixed with visas can be collected next day from the counter of the IVSC between 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs on all working days.

Important Notice

VISA applicants may kindly note that it is prohibited to carry a satellite phone to India. Hence, all foreigners travelling to India are advised to desist from carrying the same as it may invite punitive measures against the defaulters.

Contact Address:

Indian Visa Service Centre(IVSC)

Nepal SBI Bank Limited

Kapurdhara Marg, Lainchaur

Tel: 00-977-01-4001516,

Fax: 00-977-01-4001517

Email: visa.india@nsbl.com.np

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