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Education Loan

Nepal Education Loan

  • Maximum loan amount : Rs 80.00 Lacs*
  • Student Eligibility
    1. Should be a Nepalese citizen.
    2. The student should have at least intermediate/higher secondary level (plus two) academic qualification.
    3. Student should be between age of 18 years to 35 years in case of Diploma/Graduate/Professional/Vocational Courses and 40 years in case of Masters Equivalent and above Degree.
    4. The student’s parents/guardian should have sufficient regular income to service interest during moratorium period. Their uncommitted monthly income should be at least 1.33 times of interest payable and the gross monthly income should be at least two times of the interest payable.

  • Eligible Courses
    1. Diploma/Graduate/Masters and above
    2. Professional/Vocational Courses
  • Expenses considered
    1. Fees payable to College /Hostel (Admission fee, tuition fee, examination fee, laboratory fee, library fee, OSHC and others, if any)
    2. Purchase of books, equipments, instruments required for the course
    3. Cost of passage (for studies abroad) for both student and dependent in case he/she is accompanying the student.
    4. Boarding and lodging expenses (Recognized hostels by the institution) and living expenses for both student and dependent in case he/she is accompanying the student.
  • Pricing
    1. Service Charges: As per Bank’s Service Charge and Fees Schedule
  • Repayment Programme
    1. Moratorium :
      A maximum period of 5 years or 3 months after  the completion of course designated, whichever is earlier.
    2. Repayment :
      The loan shall be repaid in 15 years after the moratorium period on EMI basis.
    3. Interest during moratorium period : 
      The parents/guardian of the student shall pay the interest during the moratorium period on monthly basis as per Nepali calendar. 
  • Security
    1. Land and building having value of at least 110.00% of loan amount.
    2. Loan upto 95% of Fixed Deposit/Government securities.
  • Supporting Documents Required
    1. Duly filled Loan Application form.
    2. Mark sheet of last qualifying examination.
    3. Copies of letter conferring scholarship, if any.
    4. Proof of admission to the course/Offer Letter from concerned college/university.
    5. Schedule of expenses for the course.
    6. Two copies of recent passport size photograph of the students and their parents/guardian/guarantor.
    7. Copies of foreign exchange permit, where required.
    8. Copies of citizenship/pass port of the students and their parents/guardian/guarantor.
    9. Statement of regular income sources of parents/guardian, along with bank statement and other supporting documents where required.
    10. Tax Clearance/paid/filed certificate, wherever applicable.
    11. PAN of borrower/guarantor, wherever applicable.
    12. Brief statement of assets and liabilities of parents/guardian.
    13. Copies of ownership certificates of the proposed property to be mortgaged or Government Securities/FDRs to be pledged.

* Please contact your nearest branch for further information.

Download Education Loan Application Form

Sample Education Loan Form (Filled)

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