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Our NBSL Saral Karja aims at providing working capital finance and term debt facility to micro, small and medium enterprises in manufacturing, trade and services sector.


Features :

  • Tailor-made product devised with special focus on the needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Attractive and Competitive Interest Rate.
  • Easy & Fast Loan processing.
  • Revolving or Term Loan based loan.
  • Loan size below 10.00 million.


Terms and Conditions :

  • Loan amounts below Rs. 10.00 Million (under working capital requirement) or Loan amounts below to Rs. 10.00 Million (under term loan requirement) and Loan amounts up to Rs. 5.00 Million (under financing of permanent working capital) (however total limit including fund based and non-fund-based limit to a single borrower shall be below Rs. 10.00 million)
  • Credit limit assessed up to 60% of projected annual turnover for existing as well as newly registered units for working capital requirements.
  • Margin requirement of 25% of paid stock and receivable for working capital natured credit facility, maximum 75% of cost of project or projected permanent working capital for term loan natured credit facility.


Period of Credit Facility :

Working Capital :

  • Working capital limit will be valid for a period of one year, subject to review/renewal upon maturity/expiry.


Term Loan :

  • Maximum 11 years including moratorium period of 1 year.
  • Maximum 7 years (credit facility under financing permanent working capital).


For detailed information, please visit your nearest Branch.

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