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About SBI Corporate Information


Full Name of the Company:



Nepal SBI Bank Limited

Legal Form:  


A Public Limited Company, incorporated to carry banking services registered with the Office of Company Registrar, Kathmandu Nepal on April 28, 1993 under Regd. No. 17-049/50 and was licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB), Central Bank of Nepal on July 6, 1993 under license No NRB/1. Pa. 17 12049/50 and classified as 'A' class licensed institution on April 26,200G under license No. NRB/1. Pra. K a.7 10621063.


Commencement of Business:



July 7, 1993


Accounting Year:



Mid-July-Mid July (Shrawan 1st - Ashad End)


Permanent Account Number:





Stock Exchange Listing:


The Ordinary Shares and Redeemable Debentures (carrying fixed interest rate) of the company listed on Nepal Stock Exchange.


Registered Office:



Bagmati Zone, Kathmandu District, Kathmandu Metropoliton City, Ward No. 29, Lainchour


Corporate Office:



Nepal SBI Bank Limited
Corporate Office, Kesharmahal, Kathmandu
Tel No: 4435516, 4435613, Fax No: 4435612
Web Url:

Board of Directors:  


Mr. B. R. S. Satyanarayana, Chairman (State Bank of India Nominee)
Mr. Rajay Kumar Sinha, Director (State Bank of India Nominee)
Mr. Bharat Raj Wasti, Director (Employees Provident Fund)
Mr. Bala Krishna Shrestha, Director (Elected by General Pubtic Shareholders)
Ms. Bimala Subedi, lndependent Director (Appointed by the Board)
Mr. Dipak Kumar De, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer  (State Bank of India Nominee)


Top Management:  


Mr. Dipak Kumar De, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Md. Rizwan Alam, Deputy CEO & Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Yadvender Kant, Chief Operating Officer


Internal Auditor:



Mr. Shreedhar Adhikari


Company Secretary:



Mr. Vishma Neupane (MBS-Finance, LLM-Commercial and Criminal Law)


Chief lnformation Officer:



Mr. Binod Kumar Dhungel
Contact No: 01-4435613, 9851105163
Email lD:


Grievance Handling Officer:



Ms Roshani Bharati
Contact No: 014435613, 9851108544
Email lD:


Compliance Officer:



Ms. Damayanthi Joshi
Contact No: 01-4444094
Email lD:


Statutory Auditor:



S.A.R. Associates, Chartered Accountants

64 Bishal Basti “Ka”, Bishal Nagar

Kathmandu, Nepal


Legal Advisor:



Mr. Purna Man Shakya
Reliance Law Firm, machangal, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
PO Box # 8975, EPC 439, Kathmandu, Nepal


Tax Advisor:



Mr. Sudarshan Raj Pandey, FCA
Bijuli Bazar, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

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