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Yono Nepal SBI

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नेपाली भाषाको लागि यहाँ थिच्नुहोस्|

YONO is the flagship product of State Bank of India. It is the best-in-class mobile banking service which aims to launch digital onboarding journeys to attract new customers and strengthen the overall proposition. Under the YONO-Global project for Foreign Offices and Foreign Subsidiaries of SBI, NSBL has been provided with YONO-Nepal SBI mobile banking application. YONO Nepal SBI is an omni-channel application where both e-banking and mobile banking can be accessed via same credentials. NSBL retail customers can use YONO Nepal SBI from their mobile devices which can be downloaded from

  • Self-Registration available (Self Registration Guide)
  • Login to the app using MPIN or User Id/Password
  • Account Statement Enquiry, Account Details and Account transactions (balance overview graphs)
  • Fund Transfer within NSBL (only NPR), including own transfer
  • Fund Transfer to other Nepali Banks (via NCHL)
  • QR Merchant Payments (Fonepay Merchants)
  • Top up Services
  • Internet bill payment
  • Government Services payment
  • NEA Bill Payment
  • Cheque Stop/revoke/Status enquiry
  • Spend Analyzer
  • Open Term deposit/Recurring deposit online
  • Dual channel - Internet based (GPRS) and SMS based
  • Shake Feature
  • Chatbot (Ask SIA)
  • Update KYC online
  • ATM Card Services (Request new ATM, Block ATM)
Business Rules for YONO Nepal SBI service
  • Anyone with valid identity and residential proof as per NRB guidelines may apply for YONO Nepal SBI
  • The customer details including date of birth, mobile number, email, etc. must be up to date in bank’s system
  • The limit for transactions is as per English (Gregorian) Calendar.
GPRS (Online Mode)
Per Instance (Two Lakh only) Rs.2,00,000/- Per Instance

(Five thousand only)


Per Day (Two Lakh only) Rs.2,00,000/- Per Day

(Fifteen thousand only)


Per month (Ten Lakh only) Rs.10,00,000/- Per Month

(Fifty thousand only)


Eligibility to subscribe the service
  • The product will be available to applicants having a valid Mobile number and identity proof document.
  • The customer is expected to have either prepaid or postpaid mobile number registered with Telecom(within/outside) Nepal in his/her name. The bank is not liable to verify the mobile provider’s records regarding ownership of such mobile phone number.
  • Each customer application shall be subjected to the Bank’s approval.
Modus Operandi
  • NSBL Retail Customers can self-register in YONO Nepal SBI provided that all the required details for self-registration is correct and up to date in bank’s system. Customers can also visit any branch of Nepal SBI Bank and fill the YONO Nepal SBI/Internet Banking subscription form. After submission of duly filled subscription form along with applicable KYC documents, your profile will be created in both internet banking and YONO Nepal SBI system.
  • Customers shall set their login password/MPIN after successful registration.
Service charges
  • The YONO Nepal SBI registration fee is NIL (from 1st Jan 2023). The bank charges NRs.200 (Rupees two hundred only) as annual renewal fee. For SMS based transactions, SMS cost must be borne by the customers and varies depending on the telephone operator of the customer. (Note: Charges are subject to change upon bank’s jurisdiction)
    • The charges for inter-bank fund transfer are as follows:
      Transaction Slab (Rs.)
      Service Charge(Per Transaction) (Rs.)








      5001 or above




      The IBFT charges are subject to change as per NCHL guidelines.

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