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Personal Loans

Nepal Personal Loans

Our Mortgage Plus Scheme (Revolving Overdraft Type) & Mortgage Loan Scheme (Term Loan Type) aims at providing personal credit facility in order to meet personal/business financial needs.


Features :
  • To employees, professional, self-employed, Businessman and others.
  • Limits Linked to income and collateral.
  • Revolving overdraft or Term Loan based Loan.
  • For any Legitimate purpose.
  • Competitive Interest Rate.
  • Easy and Quick Processing.


Terms and Condition :
  • Collateral Margin of 33.33% of Distress Value of the property offered as Collateral Security.
  • Loan amounts up to Rs. 5.00 Million (without specific purpose of credit facility) & up to Rs. 50.00 Million (with specific purpose of credit facility).
  • Comprehensive Insurance policy covering market value of the building (in case of existence of building) to be submitted.


Repayment :

Mortgage Plus Scheme (Personal Overdraft)

  • On demand, but for operational convenience, revolving running account facility subject to renewal once in a year. Interest to be served quarterly.


Mortgage Term Loan Scheme

  • Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) based Term Loan for a maximum period of 300 Months.


For detailed information, please visit your nearest Branch.

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